Thursday, October 2, 2014

Setbacks abound!

In an effort to get myself more organized, which is something I'm not always good at, I printed one of the monthly calendars that I use for meal planning and turned it into a sewing calendar. I'm pretty sure it would have helped, and with its help I completed about half of my ambitious Selfish Sewing Week list (which will be blogged as soon as I have my husband take photos), but then life happened. The car needed work, so I lost nearly two days of sewing time to that. Then I had an encounter with that scourge of elementary school families... Head lice. Eww. So instead of sewing, I've spent the last three days on a serious offensive against critters. Fortunately Cyrus doesn't seem to have passed them to anyone else, and was finally nit free and able to go back to school yesterday morning, so I think that maybe I can step down from paranoid to just being watchful for the next couple of weeks. Thank you Fairy Tales products! It has been such a consuming thing that I haven't even considered breaking out my sewing stuff, even after everyone is in bed. Hopefully, the rest of the week will be better and I can get back to my extensive to do list. I should probably update my calendar though, because I will not be able to quite catch up.

Unfortunately another month has passed when. I haven't gotten my sew along on for Crafting Con. The Hosh Pants of the previous post were intended to be half of a Hulk inspired outfit for August, and I had a few ideas for September's princess theme that didn't quite make it to the machine. Therefore, I'm setting a goal to do better this month for Crafting Con villains! I already have sketches, and had written them into October to get done. If my kids are lucky, they will also get Halloween costumes! Heh. With any luck, I already have the materials too, because I think for this month I'll mostly need to be stash busting and upcycling, since my sewing budget essentially went to lice treatment. Stupid lice.

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