Thursday, April 20, 2017

Sewing Up Spring

I am so, so ready for spring this year. Signs of it are finally starting to pop up here, and we've had a couple of teaser days that warm weather might decide to stick around eventually. Mostly though, it's still been pretty cold, so planning new things for warm weather has been more like dreaming. I wasn't feeling terribly springy when it came time to plan for this tour, but at some point I mentioned it to a friend who not only puts up with my babble about craft stuff, but is super amazing and sometimes even actually pays attention. ;) He gave me a suggestion that bears little resemblance to what I ultimately made, but it was enough to spark a new stream of ideas, which was exactly what I needed.

I'd found the butterfly voile at JoAnns, while looking in the quilting fabrics with my mom. I had no idea what I'd do with it, but I loved it and just had to buy it. It was perfectly springy for this project, but I don't typically wear a lot of light colored dresses. Black? You bet. Darks and brights? I like them too. But pastels and white? Um, no. Solution? Layer it with black. Add lace. I'm really just excited that this pretty much worked just like it did in my head, because in the past things usually haven't.

This dress, believe it or not, started out as the Made for Mermaids Mama Quinn. Yup. I made up a straight from the pattern version first (oh hey, that one's pretty light and springy too!), which I also adore, and then hacked the pattern to pieces and redrafted them to make the dress pattern that I just. could. not. find. I added in a waistband, made the back bodice more fitted, and used a skater style skirt instead of an a-line. It took two test versions, and it's not totally perfect, but I'm very pleased with how it turned out. The bodice is both underlined and lined in black, and there are two black underskirts, both with lace in the hems.

For this project, I actually broke out my grandmother's old pinking shears to finish a lot of the inside seams. The lining is only sewn in around the neckline, so the bodice seams aren't truly enclosed. Serging felt like it would add too much bulk, but these fabrics really wanted to fray, so I decided it was as good a time as any to try out pinking them to help things hold up a little better.

I had intended to style this with the tights and boots. The arm warmers weren't in my original plan, but the colors worked, and it was just over 40 degrees when I went out to take pictures. Not so much on the spring weather here in Maine. I'm looking forward to warmer weather, whenever it finally comes to stay, and wearing this without all of the extras!

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Sunday, February 26, 2017

Sewing By Ti Blog Tours: Date Night

I got all excited when I first signed up for this tour. Date night! Sounds fun! And then I had time to think about it and went - what the heck would I wear on a date? I don't go on dates, and on the occasion that I get out without the kids it's usually a day date. So eventually I decided on a pencil skirt and top - simple, comfortable, and not overly dressy. Unfortunately for all of us, the shirt I made did not turn out right, and since we ended up with last minute travel plans last week, I didn't have time to re-do. Such is life, right? So the top is a rtw one I happened to have with me. But I have a skirt! A pretty, Patterns for Pirates Pirate Pencil Skirt.

I used some floral ponte that I had in my stash, and it worked really nice for this. It's thicker than the knits I usually work with, and is really nice for a skirt. It keeps it's structure really nicely even though it's still stretchy and comfortable to wear.

I made this one using the mid rise, above knee options. Since I'm somewhat petite, I find I prefer my skirts to either hit above the knee to show off my legs and give more visual length, or to be full length. I usually have to straighten the hip curve on things that are very shaped. I'm pretty straight through the hips, so I end up with some bunching along the sides of my hip. With that slight change, this skirt hangs pretty nicely.

I ended up dressing this down a bit with the boots and top I paired with it, since it was more a daytime lunch date look for me. You could easily switch it up with a fitted and/or tucked in top and heels for a sexier night time look.

It's simple and versatile to style, and a quick sew for a last minute date night or lunch date. Add accessories as desired and go! If you're looking for fabric for your date night sew, Simply By Ti is offering 10% off to all the Date Night February readers! Use coupon code DATENIGHT

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Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Boys Can Wear Pink - Galaxy Tee

My boy isn't really all that into pink, but when I asked if he'd be up for doing Handmade Boy's blog tour again this year, he gave me a very enthusiastic yes! He's good like that. Because even though it's not typically his preference, he firmly believes that anyone who wants to can wear pink. Even boys.

When I first asked for his design input he started picking some very pink stuff, which was awesome except that I know he won't wear it again. Well, except as pajamas, but I wanted to make something that both had pink and that he'd really want to wear again. We ended up poking around online and found this amazing galaxy print that happens to have bright pink in the print. As a bonus, it also has amazing pops of orange, which IS his favorite.

I used Patterns for Pirates Jolly Roger Raglan, with the front V accent and elbow patches. He's recently decided that elbow patches are pretty awesome, after I put them on another shirt on a whim. His favorite part about the V is that since I haven't yet found tags he can stand, he doesn't have to come ask me if his shirt is on backwards. Win! It won't be long before I have to give up and buy a men's pattern, though. He only has one size left before he outgrows this one. Where did my sweet little guy go?

Sewing on the elbow patches is not always my favorite, but I used my new favorite sewing tool to make it easier: wash away hem tape. I've been sewing for a lot of years, and finally tried it recently for a curved hem. Now I use it for everything - it worked amazingly in place of pins to place both the elbow pads and the V. In addition to keeping things in place, it stabilizes where I'm putting the seam so knits don't stretch out of place, and it's been the best thing ever.

He's getting so grown up and still sweet, but he'll take on anyone who dares to say anything bad about his shirt. It has pink? Big deal. Also don't bother mentioning that his hair is always in his eyes, because he'll just roll them and tell you he likes it that way. ;)

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Thursday, January 12, 2017

2017 Sewing Outlook - Tower of Sewing

Last year, and for a couple of years before that, I've had fairly ambitions crafting plans. Also for those years, and probably pretty much every other one before, I've been wildly disorganized in spite of my best attempts to use about 3 billion different organizational systems. I always end up with a pile of supplies surrounded by good intentions, and only a few finished projects. This year, I also have ambitious crafting plans, as well as other life goals such as returning to college, but I'm feeling optimistic that maybe this is the year I'll get a few more of them done than usual. I won't say all, but maybe most.

Why the extra optimism this year? Last fall, I was diagnosed with ADHD. It took until my 30s to put the pieces together, and now? With help, I'm finally able to make some of those organizational tools and skills work, and it looks possible that I can make a plan and execute it with fewer hiccups and without leaving everything until the 11th hour. I ordered the 110 Creations: A Sewist's Notebook, found a free printable blog planner that I changed slightly for my own use, and I even made a spreadsheet to organize my projects by month. So just maybe this will be the year that I am actually successful at getting my shit together.

Collage Credit @selfassemblyrequired
So first, I joined Project #SewMyStyle. The goal is to sew one piece each month for a year, focusing on slow sewing to end up with something of a capsule wardrobe. A couple of the chosen patterns I already own, or have looked at buying. Several of the patterns are not necessarily styles I would typically choose, or projects I would decide to take on, but for now I'm planning to stick with them as a way to push out of my comfort zone. My bigger problem is that, right now, I'm outside of the size chart for a couple of the patterns, and I'm currently undecided about how to tackle that.

From top left: Closet Case Morgan Jeans, Love Notions Pemberly Tunic, Patterns for Pirates Cocoon Cardigan, True Bias Hudson Pants, Colette Sorbetto Top, Mouse House Julia Cardigan, Sew House Seven Toaster 2, Simplicity 8231, Kate & Rose Zsalya
Additionally, I decided to be part of the Seasonal Sew Wardrobe: Deep Stash challenge. This one is a minimum of eight items in 4 months, all sewn with patterns that were acquired before January 1, 2017. It's also encouraged to pull fabrics from your stash, but much of my stash isn't readily accessible to me right now. I've managed to choose a few things that will use stash fabric, but I've had to buy some new to match the patterns that I think I'm going to make. Of course, since this goes through the end of April, there's a good possibility that I'll wind up changing my mind, and already have at least once during the planning phase. Since I now have the fabric that I plan to use with each pattern, I will try very hard not to go too far off of my plan.

Image credits: Jessie's Girl, Saffron Cosplay, Upcycle PJs, Flannel Shirt Dress (unable to find original image), Morgan Jeans, Jasper Sweater, Skyrim Logo, Pajama Eaters, Chain Maille Bracelet
Lastly, so far, I joined 2017 Make Nine. I had trouble deciding on nine projects, and not all of them are sewing. There's a knitting project, and at least one jewelry project, as well as a cosplay that will involve multiple craft media. Most of these don't have any specific deadline, so I'm currently sorting out how best to space them throughout the year. These are mostly direct "make this pattern" or "follow this tutorial" ideas. Exceptions: I plan to make a Tilly and the Buttons Fifi camisole to go with the Colette Madeline Bloomers for my (probably not upcycled) pjs. The Skyrim image is beads, but I'm actually planning to try making a small quilt. It will retain a geeky theme, but may or may not stay Skyrim inspired. And the Saffron cosplay depends on a number of things. There will hopefully be some sort of cosplay, but the exact one may change. I've done costumes and cosplays for everyone else, but for one reason or another I've never quite managed to commit and make one for myself, so I'm aiming to do that this year.

It remains to be seen how close I get to making everything on these lists, but regardless it looks like a full, fun crafting year ahead!

Thursday, January 5, 2017

It's Four in the Morning, the End of Dressember

It's not really four in the morning here, but it is somewhere. For some reason, when I was titling this as "End of Dressember", I got Leonard Cohen's "Famous Blue Raincoat" in my head, so y'all can get it stuck in yours too. You're welcome.

I didn't start this to write about song lyrics, though. Dressember wrapped up a few days ago, and I'm glad to have participated. Over the month of December, more than $1.3 million was raised, and donations are still rolling in. Fundraisers are open through the end of January, but no more having to wear a dress everyday. So far, over $1.4 million has been raised, enough to fund 222 rescue operations. No one deserves to live in slavery, so if you can, please donate to help reach the $1.5 million goal!

For those who don't follow me on IG, here's a quick and dirty roundup of the second half of December's dress selfies.

I won't lie, I was sooo happy to wear jeans and no dress New Years' Day! But I am planning to participate again this year. If anyone else is interested in joining me, we can be a team! So consider wearing dresses next December to end modern day slavery. And remember.