Sunday, April 30, 2017

Me Made May '17 Pledge

This year, I have totally dropped the ball on getting prepped for Me Made May. Thanks to some fairly significant weight loss in the past few months (Yay!) a number of my handmade items no longer fit (Boo!). Just like a lot of my rtw clothing. Funny how they don't magically change size with you. I'm crossing my fingers that I can manage without having to sew up 20 new things, because I really don't have time for that. I have a 5 year old with a broken leg, and cosplays to get working on for June.

So with that, here's my MMMay17 pledge:

'I, Kate of The Fairy Dust Bin blog and @thefairydustbin, sign up as a participant of Me Made May '17. I endeavor to wear at least one item of me-made clothing each day, and all me-made outfits (excluding underwear, socks, footwear) 3 days per week for the duration of Me Made May.'

Typically I take daily photos and post them to IG. I plan to do that again, but am not making it part of my pledge this year.

At a glance, with most of my me-mades tossed on a bed, this will definitely be a challenge.

Yeah... That's a mess.
Several things that no longer fit well haven't made it out of my closet, and one pair of leggings is my lone pair of pants. Yikes. It's not as warm this year doing Me Made May in Maine instead of Maryland (whoa, that's a lot of "M"s), so I see at least a couple new pairs of leggings being sewn in my near future. Maybe a pair of real pants if I can make the time. But we'll make this work! Wish me luck!

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