Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Ruffled Arch Skirt

I was lucky enough to get to test the Ruffled Arch Skirt from Call Ajaire. This is an sweet a-line skirt with an option for ruffles at the back. Even with the ruffles, it was a pretty quick sew, and the results are just adorable! This pattern released last week, and is available at Upcraft Club.

My little princess loves her ruffles, so I made the ruffled version, and haven't made one without yet. I used a pink cotton lawn, and added some embroidered white lawn that I had scraps of from this skirt for 2 of the 4 ruffles. I had a little trouble with things shifting when I went to sew the ruffles on, so mine ended up at a bit of an angle, but when she's running around you'd hardly notice. I'll be more careful with my pinning next time! I would definitely follow the recommendation of lightweight fabrics for the ruffles. Even the embroidered lawn was honestly a bit stiff once it was done, and I ended up trimming some of the ends off. Fortunately, there's plenty of length to work with. I also love the flat front on this skirt. It gives it just a little bit more polish than a full elastic waist.

This would be easy to dress up, especially if you used a fancy fabric. But this one is cotton, and Ellie decided it was also very good for stomping in puddles. That would be an example of preschooler styling at work. She resisted my every effort for a classier photo shoot, so I just went with it!

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