Friday, December 18, 2015

Crafting Con - Justice League

This post originally appeared at Crafting Con and today I'm bringing it home! Looking back, the number of Ladybug Girl stories we were reading at the time clearly impacted this post!

Hi! I'm Kate from The Fairy Dust Bin, back again for the Justice League! Both of my kids love superheroes, and my daughter has a huge love of princesses as well. Since Wonder Woman is both a superhero AND a princess, she gets to have two of her favorites all rolled up into one character. Ellie isn't much of an Amazon, but she has the attitude of a warrior princess. I started with some Bonny Leggings out of blue rib knit, since she needs a bit more coverage than Wonder Woman's bottoms. The top is a Poppy Bubble Tank from gold cotton/lycra and a red rayon knit, to echo the gold detail on the top of Wonder Woman's red bodice. Instead of red boots, she has red mary janes, and this princess wears pigtails instead of a crown.The gauntlets are from the same fabric as the top of her tunic, and just winged it after measuring some BabyLegs.

Her superpowers are much too great to be kept inside, so she went to the park to see if anyone needed her help. First, she made sure no one was looking, and climbed into the spinner to make her transformation from Ellie to Wonder Woman.

She spotted someone in trouble, so she ran over to help!

Fortunately, she arrived just in time to rescue her friend from the jaws of a dinosaur. That was a pretty close call! She fought the dino and won by climbing up his tail until she could reach his head from behind and defeat him.

Once her friend was safe, she flew off for a victory swing. Saving the day is hard work!

After the swings, she surveyed the park and was satisfied that everything was as it should be. Thankfully, the bullet proof gauntlets weren't needed today, but a superhero must always be prepared for anything.

Thanks for checking out my Wonder Woman inspired outfit!

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