Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Me-Made May '16!

It's time for signing up for Me-Made May again!


This was a great challenge last year - the beginning of the month was pretty easy, but by the end I struggled a little to choose Me-Made every day. I'm honestly not sure that I've done very well at filling some of those holes - I've yet to take the plunge on making more pants or shorts, which was one of the hardest parts last year. However, since I was  able to complete last May without too much trouble, I felt like I should increase the difficulty a bit this year. Otherwise it's not much of a challenge, right?

I, Kate of, sign up as a participant of Me-Made-May '16. I endeavour to wear at least one handmade item each day for the duration of May 2016, and at least one full Me-Made outfit each week (and photograph daily).

For accountability, I'll be posting daily shots on Instagram. There are still a lot of pieces from last year in my wardrobe rotation, but there should be some new things that are yet to be blogged as of now. While there isn't supposed to be a panicked rush to get ready, I'm planning to participate in the Back to Basics sew along next week to help round out some of the places my wardrobe is lacking. (But Shhh! I haven't managed to actually make a plan for what I'm making. I guess that needs to go on tomorrow's to do list!)

In honestly, lately I've felt a little bit lacking in creativity and drive to sew. I've been really struggling to get out of my own head, and in spite of the onset of spring (finally!) I haven't felt like doing much besides hiding on the couch in my favorite sweatshirt. I had a much needed kick from pattern testing (post coming in a day or two!), and this week has been better so far. Hopefully this will help give me the push I need, and I am looking forward to focusing on myself a little bit before I need to start in on the (long) list of things for the kiddos. So tomorrow I will aim to get myself back on track to be successful in these upcoming challenges! But tonight, I think I'll head back to the couch until bed time. ;)

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