Monday, March 24, 2014

Racing Cape

Today is for this lovely racing cape I've been working on for my husband's coworker.

Yes, that's a Honda logo. It's a car racing cape, in black and Baltimore Ravens purple, with a seriously oversized hood. The cloak is made with raw silk, and I hand dyed the purple. It didn't come out as even as I'd have liked, but I was able to cut around the splochiest parts and make the others less visible. 'Tis the nature of hand dyed fabric though. The logo is appliquéd in silver lamé, and was my first ever machine embroidery to satin stitch around the edges. It's not perfect, but I'm pretty pleased with the results.

More importantly, so is the recipient!
Presentation of the cape.

Wearing a cape - you're doin' it wrong.
Let me fix it.

Hug of gratitude.

So, this one is a pretty good example of the general day. Yeah.

And a gratuitous photo of Cyrus. He had the helmet and keys (to Ata's car behind him, that everyone was posing in front of), and it was pretty exciting
At least 10 more years, kiddo!
Overall, it was a good day, and worth the trip.
Happy racing!

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