Friday, March 21, 2014

Swooning for Rosie and Cate

Clearly I've had a bit of a hard time getting into the swing of blogging. I also have really done much sewing to blog about in the last 6 weeks. I did test the Surfer Shorts by Rabbit Rabbit Creations. I'll try to remember to upload photos and blog about that soon, since I'm only about 2 months late for that one! It's a great summer pattern for kids though, so you should check it out.

Right now I'm being terribly undecided on fabric. I wasn't going to do any more swaps until I got done with the projects with deadlines looming, but I just couldn't help myself. I joined a bag swap last November for Swoon Patterns* and we all sewed up a Rosie Crossbody Bag to send along. It was definitely different from the garment sewing that I'm used to, but it was fun! I sewed up this one

and got this one in return.

Yeah, I think I got the best bag in the swap. ;) Excuse the used look of the Tardis bag, it has been my everyday bag for the last 3 months.

This month, the swap is for the Cate Shoulder Bag, and this time instead of having preferences from your swap buddy, you sew a bag to a theme. That theme? "All about me". I couldn't help it. How could I not do a Cate that's all about Kate? The problem, of course, is that a person is far too complex to be summed up in 4-5 fabric choices, plus a zipper pull if you get more creative. How, though, do you find all of the just right fabrics to say what you want to say about yourself? I know I'm over thinking, but it's quite the dilemma. There's music, family, books, cooking, nature, games, obsessions, other interests... And then balancing what I want to say with what fabric I can find that goes reasonably well together.

Two trips to JoAnns later, and I'm still not happy with my fabric, but I'll have to choose a combo and get sewing since the deadline is March 19th!

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