Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Tiny Dancer

Ellie has started taking a ballet class, and she is crazy about it. This girl just loves to dance. Two classes in, and she finally has shoes and a leotard that fit. After insisting on short sleeves, the weather forecast for today was so cold, she needed long sleeves under her jacket. Unfortunately for me, she refuses to wear non dance wear to her class. Enter the Heidi & Finn Ballet Sweater! What a lifesaver. Long sleeves, won't interfere with the tutu, and it's even got ballet in the name. Jackpot.

I cut this out last night, and sewed it up this morning. It is super quick to make, and comes out so cute! I can tell I was hurrying, my top stitching is a bit wonky in places and I didn't have time for a good steam pressing, but she loves it. The buttons were her idea. That's another thing she loves, adding buttons to things. I left off the wrap around ties on this one, both for time and so that they wouldn't get in the way if she kept it on for class. (She didn't. She also barely posed for photos, she was in such a hurry to get to class!)

I made a 3T, and it came out a little big, but there was no size chart in the pattern and I was too busy freezing last night while tracing and cutting to think to go find it. But better too big than too small. Now she can hopefully get more than one dance season out of it!

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