Thursday, May 7, 2015

Tiddly Wink Toppers

There are plenty of slouchy beanie patterns out there, but I had the good fortune to test one last week! The Tiddly Wink Topper by Stitchwerx Designs releases today, and this awesome pattern makes me seriously wish I didn't have to wait several months for cool weather to come back! I spent the early spring looking for a good slouchy beanie pattern or tutorial for my son, but predictably now that I've found one I actually got around to making, the 80 degree weather has rolled in and signs of summer are in the air. This pattern covers sizes 18m through adult large (there is also a separate pattern for premie-12m), so you can make hats for the whole family. I tested the squared version of this hat for my son, and the slouchy beanie version for my husband. The directions are super easy to follow, and these go together wickedly fast.

They're wearing Spiderman and Iron Man here, but the black and yellow was Cy's idea - he wanted Batman colors. (If I did it again, I'd throw a bat symbol applique on there.) The fit is great - Cyrus is wearing the 8y-adult small. I love that the square beanie ends up with little points that look like ears - perfect for something inspired by Batman! I should have nabbed a picture of this hat on me - it's not my best style, but I wear the same size hat at as my 7 year old. I'll let that sit there for a moment.

Patrick is wearing the adult large. My husband has a huge noggin, and it's hard to find hats to fit him. He measured at the top of the range for this one at 24.5 inches; the fit is great, and it's even still a little bit slouchy.

Speaking of those pointy "ears"...

This hat is put together so that all seams are enclosed, so it's reversible! Since "What Does the Fox Say?" is still frequently heard around my house, I used this fox jersey for the lining. But it ends up with the foxes out as much as the black. I guess they love their foxes! And the silly dance moves to go with them.

Want to make your own? This pattern releases today and is on sale until Sunday May 10! So go pick up your copy here! If you're looking for the preemie - 12m size, it's also on sale, and there is also a bundle of both sizes available.

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