Monday, May 4, 2015

Workout Wear

As I mentioned in a previous post or two, I have joined a gym! I'm even working with a personal trainer. Take that, health and fitness! So I'm sore a lot, but I also realized that as of the day I joined, I owned zero workout clothing items. Honestly. I know I'm in a minority here as a stay at home mom, but I hadn't owned a pair of yoga pants in about 3 years. I was honestly too lazy to replace them, and had been doing what occasional workouts I did at home in pajamas. Yup. Workout pajamas. Not really appropriate for public exposure. Admittedly, I bought a pair of yoga pants and a top, because I didn't make this realization in time for my first visit to meet with a trainer, but I have now made myself workout gear! When I should have been sewing all sorts of other things that have actual deadlines. I'm good like that. Huzzah procrastination!

First, I made a Spoxxy top by Stitch Upon a Time. These are awesome. Depending on the material and how I want it to fit, I can wear more than one size. I measure into an XL thanks to my bust endowment, but that didn't work out quite right, so this one is a large. I used this Bamboo Jersey, which is gloriously soft and smooth, and a really nice medium weight. It would also make fabulous leggings. The best thing about the Spoxxy is that while it's a great athletic top, it also doesn't look out of place as casual day wear. I wore this one with the skirt from this post the other day.

To go with the new tops, I made my first pair of Brassie Joggers by Greenstyle Creations. I've made several of her patterns, and so far have really liked them all. I made the low waist option in capri length, and then shortened them a little more so that the cuff sits at the top of my calf with only a little fabric bunching. They fit really nicely, and stay put through the ups and downs of my workout routine, which is great. I used a knit from my stash, and it's probably a bit on the lightweight side for pants, but they'll be nice for summer. I did all of the topstitching in lavender, just because.

Less often now that it's getting warmer (except for this last week!), but initially I'm sometimes chilly when I get to the gym, until I get going and warmed up. I tried wearing a sweatshirt, but a hood always seemed to get caught under the foam roller. Not so much fun, being choked by your hoodie. Clearly I needed another plan, so I grabbed this rayon stretch french terry. It seems to be sold out already. This fabric is super soft, though now that I've worn it several times it seems to be somewhat prone to pilling. I made a Women's Raglan from Patterns for Pirates, and used the funnel neck from the Add On Pack to make a gym friendly layer. I added button holes, using more purple thread, but have yet to actually put a drawstring in it. Oops. Now I need to make at least one more because I keep wearing it when I'm not at the gym! I'm not usually a fan of cowl necks or turtle necks, but the funnel is right in between, and I'm loving it. When I start planning fall sewing, a few of these will be on my list for sure.

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