Friday, May 15, 2015

Me Made May - Midway!

It's halfway (or thereabouts, with the odd number issue) through Me Made May! I've been doing daily pictures over on Instagram, but I thought I'd check in here for those of you who aren't over there. So far, I have worn at least one item of handmade clothing each day, and a couple of days I've even worn an entire me made outfit! I was pretty proud of those. I've also been wearing me handmade gym clothes, especially considering that I think I may have more me made gym things than store bought ones, excluding sports bras (all of which are terrible, and maybe I should start making those too). So, here is two weeks' worth of the bad selfies that I have been subjecting my Instagram followers to this month, plus a couple of bonus gym shots.

Top row and bottom row: striped Sis Boom Meghan Peasant (which I definitely just showed you), green Mouse House Creations Julia Cardigan, green floral Stitch Upon A Time Spoxxy Top, and white self drafted Eowyn inspired skirt.

Purple and gray Shwin Designs Day Tripper Top, brown self drafted skirt with large floral pockets, floral See Kate Sew Zippy Top with front hack and without actually having a zipper, and a paisley skirt from a tutorial that I can no longer find.

Blue Sis Boom Devon Peasant, yellow floral no pattern maxi skirt,a floral batik self drafted wrap skirt, and another Flirt Skirt (there are actually little blue birds in the print on that one, but that photo is so bad you can't tell).

Black and red stripe floral Greenstyle Lacy Slope Hoodie, brown self drafted Eowyn inspired tank (with a reappearance of the wrap skirt), fox print Patterns for Pirates Free Spirit Tank dress (that I made this morning!) with shorts length Greenstyle Lucy Leggings, and bonus gym Spoxxys.

Whew! That is a whole lot of bad quality photos of myself. And my messy house - keeping it real here. I mentioned on IG, and I'll say it again - I really need a better full length mirror, in a better location than the two I have. Fortunately, I don't typically take this many photos which require it. I will admit that some days it has been a struggle to find something handmade I want to wear. I don't always want to wear a skirt, and I don't have many warm weather tops to choose from. I also don't seem to own shorts, which is a problem in and of itself. So it's definitely shown me that I still have many holes in my handmade (and store bought) wardrobe that need filling soon. If you want to follow my daily photo spam, you can follow the link at the top of the sidebar over to Instagram and check it out there. If not, I'll let you know how it went at the end of the month!

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