Sunday, July 6, 2014

July 4 Sewing

I wasn't going to do outfits this year for July 4. We weren't supposed to be going anywhere or doing anything, so why bother if no one will see them, right? So of course, we decided to go to a party at the last minute, and I decided they needed coordinating outfits. Because I needed to spend half of July 4 sewing.

Cyrus' shorts are the ones I made last year. He has outgrown so many things that I was honestly surprised to find that they still fit this year, but it was a nice surprise. These are just super basic shorts, but they do have a nifty cargo pocket on one side. It has a star button in a circle that is reminiscent of the Captain America shields on the shorts. The fabric is Marvel superheroes, and also has Wolverine claws and Thor's hammers.

Ellie's dress is the Peek-a-boo Pattern Shop Sugar and Spice dress. I had leftover fabric from the shorts still sitting around in my stash, so I paired it with some red polka dots. Initially I really debated using the flutter sleeves, but decided she would like it better if it had the ruffly touches. There is white piping along the bottom edges of the front and back bodices. Luckily for me, she was totally pleased with this dress. I foresee a few more dresses and tops with this pattern in our future!