Sunday, August 6, 2017

My Favorite Things

I hopped back on the Sewing By Ti tour this month! So today, I get to share with you a few of my favorite (sewing) things.

At first I wasn't sure which item was my favorite, especially since most of what I've sewn (and failed to blog about... oops!) recently had been cosplay items. But then I realized that it really wasn't such a difficult choice. My favorite item that I've made that's in regular rotation in my closet is, hands down, my N7 themed Halla Elora Convertible Dress. I love how I feel in this dress, and now that I'm done con sewing for awhile, I really need to make another!

The skirt on this dress has been around for almost two years. It began life as the skirt portion of this dress. When I realized I wasn't wearing it as a dress, I took the bodice off and added a yoga waistband, and wore just the skirt until this past May. That waistband had gotten too large, so I cut it off and used it as the skirt portion of my first Elora. The best part about this pattern? Fold the top down, and it's back to being a skirt. The skirt is a rayon spandex blend, but I used a sturdier cotton lycra for the bodice to be sure it would hold the weight of a maxi dress.

Unfortunately, I did not make that tee. I love my geek inspired handmade items and official merch, but I came across this design on TeePublic, and couldn't pass it up. A game reference to musical theater by one of my favorite characters is just too me.

As for my current favorite sewing notion? Wash away wonder tape.
This stuff is magic, and has made me change my "too lazy to hem things made of knits) ways, which is probably for the best! Essentially, it's double stick tape for fabric that you can easily sew through, and then washes away with water. If you've never seen it before, it's super easy to use: stick it along the raw edge, being careful not to stretch out your fabric, then pull off the paper and fold it up. Stitch with your preferred hemming technique for whatever you're making. This works even on a curved hem, which is a huge headache saver. Here I used it on a top made with a cotton/lycra blend, but it works on slippery fabrics as well to stabilize your hem while you sew.

I really should have gotten a picture of the finished hem, but I'll confess that it's still sitting on my table with the hem taped and not sewn. Some weeks are like that! I hope you enjoyed my favorites. Don't forget to check out last week's tour posts if you haven't yet, and make sure to follow along for the rest of the month to see everyone's favorite things!

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