Monday, May 9, 2016

Me Made May - Week 1

The first week of Me Made May was, well, mostly successful. I wore handmade every day, and a couple of days I wore more than one handmade item. There were even a couple of new things since last May! But I didn't manage to wear a whole outfit last week. My lack of me made pants was an issue with the cool weather that decided to come in, and I run so cold these days that I really didn't want to wear skirts. This week, I will attempt to make up for it and have two outfit days instead of just one, even if I have to dig out some tights to do it.

For those who don't follow along on Instagram, here's a round up of this week's photos:

Day 1 - Layered Patterns for Pirates Layer Me Up Tees

Day 2 - Patterns for Pirates Free Spirit Tank and Mouse House Creations Julia Cardigan

Day 3 - Greenstyle Creations Open Back tank and another Mouse House Creations Julia

Day 4 - Patterns for Pirates Free Spirit Tank and my trusty (second) official N7 hoodie

Day 5 - Golden Rippy Cinnabar Sky top

Day 6 - Patterns for Pirates Raglan with hood and thumbhole cuff add ons. Plus a matching one in Ellie size!

Day 6 - Gratuitious second photo, not because it's a great one, but because look at that adorable dimple!

Day 7 - Patterns for Pirates Layer Me Up under a RTW Batman tee for Free Comic Book Day

Overall, I'm pretty happy with week 1, even if I didn't quite make my goal. It has already highlighted some of the holes in my handmade wardrobe, and I need to tackle fitting pants. Especially since I actually wore the same pair of pants all week, as even my store bought pants wardrobe is pretty darn small. Does anyone else only have a couple of pairs of pants that fit?

As an extra goal for this week, I will commit to at least muslining a pants pattern. I also need to do something about my selfies, because that mirror is in really terrible shape! Those pictures are after I washed it...

Are you participating in Me Made May this year? Have you made any revelations about your wardrobe, or were you totally prepared?