Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Me Made May 2019

Another May has snuck up on me! Which means it's once again time for a month of wearing clothes I've made. This will be my fifth year of this challenge, and while I still want to participate, I admit that I've found the last couple of Mays to be more stressful than enjoyable. After some thought, I've decided that really isn't the intended result, so I'm going about it a little differently this year. Instead of increasing the challenge, I'm going to give myself some grace. So I simply pledge to wear something me made every day in May, and be mindful of choosing handmade. I will probably post most days on Instagram as well, so be sure to follow me over there to see how my Me Made May is going!

I started off with my favorite Sunny tee, and a Vermont Cardigan that I find I don't choose to wear often. It's not my favorite shade of pink, but it goes really nicely with the hint of pink in the floral, which I hadn't noticed before! And it was actually pretty comfortable to wear all day, so I'll try to show it a little more love in the future. This shirt has become one of my favorites over the last year, even though the fit isn't quite perfect. These pieces were paired with RTW jeans since, I'll be honest, I'm fairly happy with how my jeans fit. So while I have pants on my to sew list and even have a pair of jeans in my UFO pile, they haven't made it to the top of my priorities. I did make my necklace though! Do accessories count?

Since this is a pretty short post, if you made it this far, have a bonus and unrelated music video! Heavy Metal Heroes is possibly my newest favorite.