Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Me Made May Wrap Up

Me Made May has come to a close. (Seriously, where did it go? How is it June??) I met my challenge, and successfully wore at least one self made article of clothing each day for the month of May. And somehow, I managed to post an Instagram photo each day as well. During this second half of May, I even made a few extra things to start filling in the holes I discovered during the first half of the challenge.
Still no new mirror, so here goes more bad mirror selfies!

Patterns for Pirates Women's Raglan, Patterns for Pirates Free Spirit Tank in shirt length, SUAT Spoxxy Top, Greenstyle Lucy Leggings in shorts length.

Another Patterns for Pirates Women's Raglan with the funnel neck from the Add On Pack, Greenstyle Lacy Slope Hooded T-Shirt, Mouse House Creations Julia Cardigan, Patterns for Pirates Layer Me Up Shirt

Mashup of Patterns for Pirates Free Spirit Tank and Layer Me Up Shirt, Kitchy Coo Lady Skater, SUAT Spoxxy, Greenstyle Aspen Pants that I modified for shorts

No pattern yoga skirt, modified See Kate Sew Zippy Top, Patterns for Pirates Free Spirit Tank and the Greenstyle Aspen shorts, and finally my self drafted brown tank.

There are still wardrobe holes that need to be filled, and I admit that made it very hard to choose handmade some days. I really, really need to work on more handmade shorts and pants, because there were days when I really just wanted to wear one of my graphic tees or tanks, and did not want to pair with a skirt. I also realized that there are a number of things I don't ever reach for that are taking up space in my drawers, and that needs to be fixed as well. So I have a short list of things to focus on once I finish up a few things that I've promised to do for other people, and get my cosplay worked out for PortConMaine! I guess I have a busy 3 weeks ahead of me.