Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Dressember Bound!

It's almost December, which means it's almost time for Dressember! 10 days until my jeans settle into my closet for the month and I will wear a dress every day in December to raise awareness and money to help end modern day slavery. This is my fourth year as a Dressember advocate, and I've determined I need to make a few changes.

First, this year I'll be joining in #Dressemberbound on Instagram and Disneybounding in my dresses! If you're unfamiliar with Disneybounding, the short answer is that it's creating an everyday look inspired by a character instead of wearing a costume. This gives me a chance to plan ahead, though a few of the prompts are tough - how do I even choose one favorite Disney song?

Second, the past few years I haven't done well at meeting my fundraising goals, so this year I'm offering a few incentives. Yes, they stack!

$5 - I will send you a handwritten note. Who doesn't like getting real, non spam mail?
$10 - Sponsor a Disneybound. You get to choose a day and character. Bonus if it follows the prompts, but I'll make it work anyway if it doesn't!
$20 - A dozen homemade cookies. You choose what kind, I bake and send them to you. OR if you don't want cookies, I will make you a little zip pouch.
$50 - I will record and post a song related to your chosen Disneybound.

If I meet my goal of $350, Ellie will record a duet with me. She also plans to Dressemberbound as a soft start to being an advocate herself!

My donation page is already live: Kate's Dressember Page

Again this year, I plan to wear dresses I've made, and hopefully mainly handmade or ethically purchased accessories. For these Frozen 2 Anna pictures, this is a George+Ginger December Dress, and my well loved Mouse House Creations Julia Cardigan.

And it was freezing! This is how I really felt.

Together, we can make this world a better, freer place. #It'sBiggerThanADress