Thursday, April 16, 2015

Birds Are Not Fairies

I know, I had great intentions at the beginning of the year, and promptly dropped the ball. Or the post. One or the other. I have definitely been sewing, but I've been a very bad blogger as far as getting pictures and writing actual posts. I promise, there are two posts half written, things to take pictures of, and more plans which I might actually have time to accomplish. Hopefully.

In the mean time, we have an observable bird's nest! We (admittedly, foolishly) left our step ladder out leaning against one of the patio columns, and a robin chose to build a nest in the top.

I'm pretty sure it went from "Where did that come from?" to "Whoa, eggs!" in less than a week. I took a photo and it was empty, so I assumed it was abandoned because of the proximity to our back door, and the kids playing on the patio and in the yard, so I complacently just left it there planning to move it later.

Then yesterday, I noticed a bird was actually in the nest. Well, okay, there are birds all over the place. I didn't think much of it, except that yesterday and today she would fly away any time I used the back door. Today, I noticed that if I went back in and waited a few minutes... She came back. Hm. So the next time I went out, I took a peek...

My window in which to move it so we could, you know, actually use said ladder has now closed for a few weeks. On the one hand, super frustrating when you have things to do which you wanted to use that ladder for. (Carpenter bees! Hate them.) On the other hand, the kids get to observe the nest, birds, and eggs 10 feet from our back door. How cool is that?!?