Saturday, February 13, 2016

Project Run and Play: Cosplay Challenge

After a bit of a blogging (though not crafting) hiatus, I'm back to sew along with Project Run and Play again! This competition/sew along is the one that finally prompted me to start blogging a couple of years ago (whoa, couple of years??), so now that it has returned after its own break, it seems fitting that I should sew along to end my own. I missed playing along for the first week, so here we are at week two, which is a cosplay challenge! Not really cosplay, but an "inspired by" sort of challenge. As a frequent visitor over at Crafting Con, this is exactly up my alley. This also counts as a sew my stash project - not a scrap of anything was purchased for this! It all came from my current stash.

Initially, I really wanted to do something inspired by the Amity faction in the Divergent series. While Ellie is definitely not an Amity, the style suits her, so I went on the hunt for the perfect boho style little girl's dress, since I have somehow managed not to own one yet. I finally settled on Simple Life Pattern Company's Bella's Dress as the right one for this. After I got started, of course my tiny diva had her own say - no, mom, I don't want to do that, I want to be a princess. Well, okay then. With half of a yellow sundress, it's lucky that her two most recent princess obsessions are Snow White and Belle! Perfect.

This was my first SLPCo pattern, and I'm really pleased with how it turned out. I use a bright yellow cotton voile and made a 4, since she was between a 3 ad 4 for chest measurement, and it turned out perfect. I used the strappy back option, since at the time I was going for a boho style. And I have to give a mention, I LOVE that the pattern calls for understitching the bodice instead of topstitching. It gives it a really nice, professional finish.

I could let that be, though, and had to make this dress work extra hard, so I hacked the PAB Hangout Hoodie (again) to make a quick Snow inspired cardigan. I cut two backs, and just split one down the center to make a front. Added a band of yellow down each front piece, bound the neck with white, and hemmed the bottom. I even got crazy and fussed with my double needle for the finishes, even though we typically don't get along. Since all of the fabric was on hand, I'm also really impressed at how close the yellows are!

My only disappointment is that I wish I'd had time to put an apple decal or applique on the cardigan, and I didn't get the red hair bow going on in the styling, but I forgive myself since I was sick. We got a pop of the red in with the shoes! Snow White, of course, has all of her photos with her animal friends. She had an apple, but ate it while I was trying to figure out how to take semi-decent photos of a sundress in below freezing temps. At least it wasn't poisonous!

And now she's off before the evil queen finds her! I hope you enjoyed my double princess look!