Monday, September 22, 2014

Project catch up

Despite the quiet, I have been doing some sewing behind the scenes here! Taking photos and getting organized to post has been difficult recently, and in the past week getting anything done at all has been nearly impossible. Why? Well, in large part because of this cute little face.

How can you resist those eyes?
Yup, we adopted a puppy. She's a (approximately) 3 month old (supposedly) Beagle mix, and between new pup and both kids being sick, I've been largely unable to get into my sewing space. We've been very lucky though. Obviously there's the usual puppy things, like needing to go outside (extremely) often, requiring quite a bit of attention, and trying to chew on pretty much anything except the toys I bought for her to chew on, but she's a very good dog. Nalah rarely barks, only jumps when you get her worked up, and doesn't beg much at the table. She is very sweet. It's a lot of work all the same, and with the husband working long hours, most days the majority of the care taking and training falls pretty squarely on me. Exhausting!

The cutest exhausting duo I know.
Before that, I did get a few things finished. I participated in a swap through the Scientific Seamstress Facebook group, and made a pink nautical Portrait Peasant Dress, and a mustard and navy All the Rage Raglan. Quick and easy, but I'm pleased with how they came out. I hope the kids I made them for like them! My kids haven't always loved what they get from swaps (even when I do), but they like their items this time. Ellie received a pink and yellow stripwork dress with girl superheroes. The hero fabric is fabulous. I wish I knew where to find some! Cy got a gray and blue raglan with a police box embroidered on it. I guess she did some digging and found we are Whovians! He loves it, but the neckline is too wide and falls off his shoulders, so I need to do a quick alteration before he can wear it comfortably.

I also finally tried the Hosh Pants by Lou Bee Clothing for Ellie. I can't believe I didn't make these before! The pattern is clearly written, simple, and they came together fast. I think I'm in love with the waistband construction, and may mash it onto other pants patterns. My kids are on the slim side, and waistbands are often too large, so the adjustable waist is great. I may still need to taper down a size in the hip for Ellie. We've had some potty regression recently (and she was so close to being totally proficient!), but even with a diaper there's plenty of room in the rear. The length is spot on though, and she loves that they fit under her little belly.

All of her pants are dancey pants.

I'm not sure why my 3 year old already has a preference for low rise pants, but apparently so. She should get plenty of wear out of these this fall. They're perfect for neighborhood walks!

Wrong "heel", Nalah!
This week, my goal is to get enough time in each day to participate in selfish sewing week! I have several fairly easy projects planned out, since my fall wardrobe is pretty lacking. By the end of the challenge week, I'm hoping to have new pajamas/loungewear, a layering cardigan, and maybe pants or a skirt. Once the kiddos, furry and not, are in bed tonight, I'll be starting a pair of True Bias Hudson Pants. My pajama pants wardrobe is, well, old. Add to it that anything not cropped is several inches too long, and it becomes fairly obvious that I need to make myself some new pajama pants. This didn't used to be a huge issue, but now that I end up taking the dog out before getting dressed, the hems end up wet and dirty after one night. This needs to be remedied so that I don't have to wash pjs every 2 days now that the mornings are getting chillier!