Thursday, May 18, 2017


Changes and transitions seem to be a theme in my life right now. Spring to summer, new beginnings, old to new. I decided to take some old things that no longer fit (or, to be fair, never really did) now that I've lost 30 pounds(!) and upcycle them into something new and wearable. Unfortunately, it totally slipped my mind to take "before" photos until I'd already cut things up. Oops.

I'd bought a men's XL Hogwarts tee at Target at some point, maybe with the intention to make something else, but I never did. It became a sleep tee instead, because it was oversized. Last time I wore it, I was absolutely swimming in it - there's no way I need a men's XL anything! So I used the Patterns for Pirates Cross My Heart Cami to turn it into a summer cami that will actually get some wear. I love it, but I will shorten the straps next time. This style has been a go to for me for years, but I never had a pattern to make my own. I'm pretty excited that now I can! I think I'll go raid the men's tees at Target next time they go on sale. ;)

The skirt is upcycled from this dress. I love this style, and when it fits properly I find it to be super flattering. It fit well enough when I bought it, but the top became huge and the waist started sitting several inches below mine. I just couldn't wear it anymore. So I chopped it off at the waist and made a skirt! I had to add a waistband lining and put some elastic in it, and I'm really not used to things sitting at my natural waist, but I kind of love it.

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