Saturday, August 16, 2014

Summer Shut Out

I realize it's been pretty quiet, even for me. With Cy out of school, time to sew is minimal. While I have in fact done some (okay, a very little bit of) sewing, I have not gotten photos taken and write ups done. Talk about your lazy summer! How do bloggers with kids do it when they rely on blogging for income? My hat is off to you who are able to make a career of this. Don't cry for me, though! School starts in a week (what?!?) and I'll hopefully have more time for sewing instead of being forced to do things like go to the park, play outside, or play in the pool, and otherwise spend time with my amazing kids all day. It has been pure torture, can you tell?

Currently on my cutting table is a Wholock themed India Hobo Bag that I'm making as a commission. Yay for actually making a paid project! Here's a peek.

Piping subject to change.

The fabric choices were pretty much left up to me with a minimal amount of guidance, so I hope she loves them. It took awhile to decide on the main fabrics, but I'm liking how it's coming together.

The project list from now to the end of the year is filling up, but exciting. Once the bag is finished up, hopefully in the next day or two, I'll be whipping up some Avengers themed pieces to add to the link up over at Crafting Con! There's an Iron Man and a Hulk design sketched in my little black book, just waiting to be made, so with a little luck they'll be ready on time!
Don't mind my pajamas. And yes, it's blurry on purpose.
I also signed up for the back to school swap through the Scientific Seamstress Lab Group on Facebook, so I'll be squeaking out a couple of extra pieces closer to the deadline than I'd like. And that's just for the next 2 weeks. Time to say goodbye to summer and get back into the sewing groove!

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