Thursday, March 7, 2019

Boys Can Wear Pink!

I've been intermittent in joining this blog tour, but we're back this year for season 5 of Boys Can Wear Pink!

Truthfully, Cyrus is STILL not really into pink, but for some reason he's become adamant about doing this tour. It's funny, really - we've done season 1 and season 3. I'm not sure why I didn't do 2, but when I skipped last year due to being overwhelmed by school, he was pretty upset with me. So this year I made sure to sign up! You'll notice he's no stranger to rolling his eyes at traditional gender stereotypes. These photos were taken after he finally let me cut 5 inches off of his hair. Yup. His gorgeous long hair often gets him mistaken for a girl by strangers, but he's so unbothered by it that he typically doesn't even correct them. So wearing pink? He's got this. And since he's solidly in that "tween well on his way to being a teenager" phase, if mom isn't looking, he just might give any judgement the finger. ;)

My original idea looked nothing like this. Cy was on board with doing a hoodie inspired by the Phoenix Armor from Mass Effect, but my fabric didn't arrive in the timely fashion I'd hoped for. I ended up at JoAnns, and my kid knows what he likes - neon brights, the brighter the better. So when he saw this big cat print in neon pink and orange (his favorite color), he said "That one!". It's not my style at all, but he loves it. Both the print and the black are performance knits from JoAnns, which was perfect since this kid absolutely lives in athleisure wear.

I used the New Horizons Summit Peak Hoodie to take advantage of the built in places to color block, which was probably the only thing I didn't change from the hoodie I had intended to make. It has princess seams with side panels and a lined hood, which are perfect places to use a second fabric. This one is the kids' version, but if he grows any more I'll need to print the men's version. When did he get so grown up? And so TALL? This was my first time making it, and it came together perfectly and quickly. The cowl hood is his favorite, and he's already playing with ways to keep it over his nose. Apparently he's a fabulous and not very stealthy ninja - there's NO way you don't take a stealth check penalty in that neon cat print!

He's loving this crazy hoodie, but already planning something truly, eye poppingly pink for next year if the tour runs again! We'll see how he feels about that in a few months. Pink seems to be in for men this year, so perhaps he's coming around to it. Or maybe it's just because he's inherited the contrary, stubborn genes. I, um, have no idea where he might have gotten those... Well, here's one last picture with him all ninja'd up!

You've made it to the end of my rambling, so go visit the rest of the awesome bloggers who are sewing pink for their amazing boys this season!

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