Monday, April 14, 2014

Kids Clothes Week Wrap Up

Kids' Clothes Week of spring 2014 has come to an end. There were a couple of days that I had a hard time finding my hour, but most days I was able to get in more than that. Project Run and Play projects got plenty of love. Ellie's look for the signature style week is complete (but you'll have to wait for that post to see it), and all of the sewing for last week's challenge was done during KCW! With some luck (and perhaps better planning?) next time around I won't be so far behind on my sew along pieces. In spite of that, I did get one thing made that isn't part of any PR&P challenge.

My first pair of overalls! (That I've sewn, that is.)
I felt compelled to show the back, but it's pretty plain
These are Peek-a-boo Pattern Shop Lullaby Line Overalls for my nephew. I bought the fabric awhile back at one of many trips to JoAnn's. It's a soft interlock from their Doodles line of kids' apparel fabrics, and it has been begging to become baby clothes. Finally it got it's wish! I love using Amy's patterns. The directions are clear and easy to follow, her tutorials include plenty of photos, and her pattern pieces are some of the easiest I've had to line up and tape. These came together super fast, partly because I omitted all of the pockets. This fabric really didn't need them to be cute, though I think if I used a solid I would take the time to make all of the pockets. Now to send them back up north with my parents next weekend and wait to see how they fit!
Aren't those monkeys sweet?

At the moment I've also been thrown a curve in my sewing planning courtesy of the 6 year old. I had his signature style outfit all planned out, patterns and fabric ready, and... He shot it down. Yes, I'm the mom and I could do it anyway, but he did make a valid point that it's a cooler weather outfit, and we are suddenly barreling through spring and headed all too quickly for summer weather. So we tabled it for the fall, but I'm back to the drawing board. Fortunately my muse seems to have come back with ideas galore after the post-holiday vacation she took, and I'm playing with my fabric stash to try to figure something out without more trips to buy fabric! Here's a parting peek at what I've been considering.

You might be able to guess his favorite color from this assortment of possible fabric choices.

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