Monday, April 7, 2014

Kids Clothes Week

In the moments last week when I wasn't sewing for Project Run and Play, I've been trying to plan for Kids Clothes week. Spring KCW starts today, and I have about half an idea of what I plan to sew. Then again, I've never successfully sewed for my kids for an hour each day of any past KCW, so if I get that much done it will still be a success. This time is the first time with a theme! "Mini me". Oddly enough, I feel like I would be more successful at that with Cyrus than Ellie most of the time. Typically I stick with jeans and hoodies. Ellie much prefers skirts and dresses, so we don't dress alike all that often. The theme may not get too much love here this week, especially since most of my sewing time will probably end up being for the Project Run and Play linkups this week and next.

I try to keep my kid clothes functional and comfortable. When I don't have a prompt, so to speak, Cyrus likes to design his own clothes for me to make. I had never envisioned a 6 year old boy so invested in his wardrobe, but not only does he have pretty specific ideas about what he wants, he's also super proud of his mom made clothes. He was announcing that I made his outfit at the playground yesterday while we were taking photos. It was really cute. He did the same thing last week while wearing something else I'd made, then proceeded to run through mud puddles and get thoroughly wet and dirty. Yesterday, Ellie slipped on the river bank and landed squarely on her white linened bottom. In the mud.
Oops. Good thing those are washable!
So the things I make need to hold up to that sort of use, because what's the point of sewing for my kids if it isn't something they can wear to play and get dirty? They're just so adept at that.

Yesterday I started working on this week's Project Run and Play challenge - design your own fabric. Ouch. I've done some basic tub dying before, but I came up with some really grand plans on what to do for this using new techniques. And then last week's sewing took longer than I anticipated, because that usually happens, plus my best laid plans just didn't quite work out, but hopefully the result will be blessed with fairy dust, and not destined for the dustbin.

Today was a bit of a mixed bag. I didn't actually sew anything, I just did a lot of cutting, so I'm not sure if that counts toward my hour today. Either way, I plan to make up for it before the week is over! But here's a look at what was on my sewing (billiard) table today.

Behind, but working on this week's PR&P sew along!
Peek at next weeks PR&P fabric.

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  1. Cutting is my least favorite part! And, I hear you on the wear and tear. I actually bought my son a rain suit that's been working well so far, it keeps his clothes clean but is nice and lightweight.