Saturday, October 18, 2014

Iron Man Inspired

This outfit is something I planned back in August, with the clearly over ambitious plan to add it to the Crafting Con Avengers linkup. Oops. So instead, a month and a half late, I got it done for Cy's birthday. I guess that will do. The challenge for Crafting Con is to create day to day wear instead of costumes, based around geeky themes, which works out so very well for me. I want to know when they plan to do Firefly/Serenity month, because I have some fabulous outfits drawn up based on that. I also have a page with designs for the whole family based on Mass Effect. Is that too far off the geek end?

I've been informed that he needs "repulsor gloves". Add another project to the list!
When I was designing last August, Cyrus chose Iron Man for his preferred Avenger. While I'm familiar with him, I took to the internet to look up photos for inspiration. Having that visual is often helpful for me, even when I'm referencing something I already know. I found a few photos of Tony Stark in tee shirts with the arc reactor glowing though, and went with that for the top. I made a black Peek-a-boo Patterns Grand Slam raglan tee (I used the slim fit option), then used a freezer paper stencil to paint the arc reactor design on the front. It dried to a darker blue than I wanted, but Cy went totally nuts with excitement when I showed him. I guess Mama did okay!

The pants are my interpretation of Iron Man's armor into cargo pants. I used another Peek-a-boo pattern, this time the Castaway Cargos. This is a fantastic pattern, and my son loves the knit waistband. I left off the back welt pockets this time, since he doesn't use them, but now I wish I hadn't. The contrast of a gold welt would have been great. Oh well, too late now! The main pants pattern is made from a red twill, but I used a gold-ish colored contrast for all of the pockets to mimic the accents on Iron Man's armor. Cyrus loves them, and when Ellie saw them she essentially said "Where's mine?", so I may need to make some for her, too.
Ready to fight!
While I was at it, I made a matching tiny sized version for my nephew ET. It would be so much better if we lived close enough to get photos of the boys together, but this will have to do for now.

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