Monday, May 18, 2015

Perry the Platypus! (And Candace Flynn)

Dooby dooby doo-bah! Dooby dooby doo-bah! Dooby dooby doo-bah! Cyrus!

He's an optomistic first grade boy of distraction!
He's got a noise making talent that never goes awa-eeay-eeay!
He's got more than gaming skill,
He's a runner and he doesn't stay still,
And his mother cheers whenever hear him say
(I'm going outside!)
He's Cyrus! Cyrus the Big Kid!
Cyrus! Agent C!

"Mo-om! Cyrus is standing on the swing again!"

We love Phineas and Ferb around here. There are at least 3 P&F tees floating around the house, so obviously I needed to make more things inspired by the show. Cyrus and I decided that his look would be inspired by Perry. Seriously, who doesn't love a secret agent platypus? I made a Peek-a-boo grand slam in Perry's teal and yellowish colors (I promise I'll use a different shirt pattern one of these days!). This time I mixed it up a little, though! As a secret agent, Perry wears a fedora, so I upcycled an old shirt of mine and added a brown hood as a nod to his hat. In my stash, I found this heavier interlock in nearly the same teal color as the top. To complete the Perry outfit, I made Coastal Craze Baggies, also by Peek-a-boo.

To go with Perry, I made Ellie a LilyGiggle Tybee Tank Dress in red and white to echo Candace's red and white outfit. I almost used pink, since that's Ellie's color, but I had this red baby rib sitting around in my stash with nothing planned for it, so I decided that would be perfect for the top of the dress. The band and skirt are a heavy-ish cotton lycra also from my stash. I made a 3, which fits really well, except I think I need to lengthen the skirt next time. I did not take into account the bubble butt my little girl has, so it barely covers her behind without a lot of constant mom tugging. So white shorts to the rescue!

Cyrus was super excited about his Perry inspired look, and has spent the last 2 days wearing the same outfit and sneaking around like a secret agent. Ellie loves her dress, but is more indifferent about dressing like Candace. I guess that part is for me!

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