Thursday, March 22, 2018

Spring Into Color

Thank goodness for these tours, or I might forget to make posts for months. I swear I've been sewing, but I've been so busy with school and parenting and basically life that I can't seem to get around to taking decent pictures of anything to put up here, especially in the freezing cold. At least the last part of that might change, now that it's officially spring! Now if the weather would just get the memo, because it definitely snowed today...

March's theme for the Sewing By Ti blog tour is the spring Pantone color forecast.

Most of the colors are, well, really not ones I wear. Hm. Plus, for colors that are supposedly the big thing for this season, the ones I liked were very hard to find! So I tried for Palace Blue, and ordered this beautiful Art Gallery Challis, only to realize once my fabric arrived that there was no lighting that would make it match that shade, no matter how much I love it. Those sketched roses though, they have a pink that's definitely somewhere between Ash Rose and Blooming Dahlia, and I realized I had some french terry in my stash that was almost precisely the same color.

I made a Deer & Doe Reglisse Dress, which is also on my #2018makenine list this year so it's a two birds with one stone make! This is view B, with no collar and a faux button placket. Even though I was running out of time, I was a responsible seamstress and whipped up a muslin of the bodice. I'm petite from shoulder to bust, and found that this was a little long for me, plus the armscye was really low. The front fit okay since I took up the room in the bust, but for the final version I took almost an inch of length out of the back between the shoulders, which also shortened the armscye. It turned out gorgeous in the challis, and the skirt has amazing twirl factor. This sewed up surprisingly quickly, though I found the directions for the bias neckline finish a little confusing at first. I finished the skirt with a rolled hem instead of the bias tape finish used in the pattern to prevent stiffening the hem.

To go with it, both for the color and because it will be cardi weather for months still, I made the New Horizons Vermont Cardigan with sparkle french terry from So Sew English that I had on hand. I chose the cropped version, which didn't exactly turn out all that cropped, or at least not quite like I'd envisioned. I'd call this hip length on me. But remember that petite adjustment I did on the dress? I definitely didn't do anything similar here, so that's pretty much my own fault. The pattern itself was straightforward and came together really quickly, and the French terry is oh so soft and easy to work with.

Apparently I'm going to be wearing pink sweaters this spring, who'd have figured? And also get to be closer friends with my rolled hem foot for finishing these circle-type skirts that I seem to have a thing for right now. I think I'm good with that one!

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